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JSC HS-Nauka is working to become a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of aircraft heat exchangers by achieving excellence in all business areas and complete customer satisfaction. We want each employee to take pride of our business.


Founded in 1995, JSC HS-Nauka is building a bright future in the global aerospace industry based on the proud heritage of its founding company Scientific Production Association Nauka of Russia.

SPA Nauka


SPA Nauka is a leading Russian Company in design and production of environmental control systems, automatic pressure control systems for aircraft and life support systems for spacecraft and their components. SPA Nauka history starts from Duks company that participated in first Russian aircrafts construction at the end of 19 century.

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We supply our products to original equipment manufacturers, airlines, and overhaul/repair operations in Russia, North America, Europe, Asia and Pacific. Leading-edge technologies ensure exceptional performance, reliability, and durability of our products.


25 years of successful work has ensured HS-Nauka a well-deserved leadership among global centers of heat exchanger design and production. An important milestone is commissioning of the Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Scientific and Production Complex in Kimry (Tver Region) in 2011 in order to provide for production deliveries for the Boeing 787, Airbus 380, and meet the growing demand of the Russian aviation market. The second stage of the Production Complex opened in the end of 2017 provides capacity to manufacture the largest aircraft heat exchangers of unique design for Boeing aircraft 767, 777, 787 series. The very first Special Investment Contract (SPIC) in Russia aircraft industry was introduced with Ministry of Industry and Trade to support the project.

Complex is certified to the Silver and Gold levels of the international standard for energy efficiency LEED, fitted up modern equipment and uses the methods of Lean Manufacturing.


The participation in the next generation aircraft programs Airbus 380, Boeing 787, MRJ, development of technologies for high temperature heat exchangers and large commercial aluminum heat exchangers for Boeing 767, 777, 787 series has enabled HS-Nauka to significantly expand its design and manufacturing capabilities and obtain a considerable backlog of orders. The company develops and supplies air-to-air and air-to-liquid heat exchangers for environmental control systems, nitrogen generation systems and other air management systems for these airplanes.

Today shareholders consider further development of HS-Nauka to include the expansion of sales in the aftermarket, the development of Russian supplier base, development of design and production of other aircraft components. The company is well positioned for further development.


The company’s goal is to produce and deliver competitive high-quality products meeting Customer requirements. Stable quality of our products is ensured by integrated process management as part of the certified quality system adopted by the company. Our quality system complies with ISO 9001, AS9100 and Aviation Rules currently effective in Russia.

We continuously strive to improve our processes by using state-of-the-art practices of both international and Russian companies. One of the basic principles of improving the quality assurance system is to shift from elimination of non-conformances to their prevention. The entire personnel of HS-Nauka is actively involved in the enhancement of the existing quality system taking personal pride and responsibility in providing our Customers with the highest quality products.


We supply products to aircraft factories, airlines, as well as companies engaged in after-sales service and repair in Russia, North America, Europe and the Pacific-Asian region. HS-Nauka produces heat exchangers for air conditioning systems of mainline and regional aircraft.


Moscow, Russia, 127287
Petrovsko-Razumovsky proezd, 19/1
Tel: +7 (495) 755-77-00


Kimry, Russia, 171507
Klenovaya ul., 39
Tel: +7 (495) 755-77-00